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Overseas Music Scholarship Program


… designed to make a lasting contribution to Australian Music.


The program is intended to assist singers, musicians and conductors in making a unique, original and valuable contribution to Australian culture.

Any Australian citizen or permanent resident may apply.

Individual grants may be awarded annually to suitable applicants who are able to demonstrate upon completion of their study program they will make a major contribution to Australian music and the Australian community.

Applications (in writing) may be submitted at any time.

Grants are available for any style or type of music but are only available to Australian singers, musicians and conductors of excellence or exceptional potential.

Phone: (02) 9929 7449

or by writing to:
The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust
P.O. Box 1203
Neutral Bay NSW 2089


The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust
  Overseas Music Scholarship By-Laws



Definitions and Interpretation
“AETT” means The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust  (ACN 008 394 250)
“acquittal” means a detailed statement of expenditure, supported with receipts, of the Grant.
“applicant” means an eligible person applying for a scholarship.
“Australian citizen” means any person legally entitled to hold an Australian passport.
“Grant” means the sum of money approved by the AETT to expend on the scholarship.
“Overseas study”  means any activity undertaken outside Australia which has an academic outcome related to the musical expertise of the applicant.
“Permanent resident” means a person, not being an Australian citizen, who is legally entitled to reside and work in Australia and who spends more than two thirds of the year in Australia.
“Scholarship” means an award given by the AETT to a musician, singer or conductor for the purpose of overseas study.
“Scholarship holder” means a person to whom the AETT has awarded an overseas scholarship.
“Study program” means the overseas study devised for the applicant and for which the applicant seeks a grant from the AETT.
“Supporting materials” means any audio, video or cinematographic film recording of the applicant’s performance.




1.1. All Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia are eligible to apply for scholarship assistance for overseas study.  
1.2. Applications may be made at any time.  
1.3. The decision of the AETT shall be final and, after an applicant has been advised of the decision of the AETT, no further correspondence will be entered into.  
1.4. All applications shall be in writing and accompanied by a Compact  Disc, DVD or wave file recording of the applicant containing at least two contrasting works recorded within twelve months prior to the scholarship application.   
1.5. Unless a specific application form is provided by the AETT an application shall include at least:  
  1.5.1.  the applicant’s curriculum vitae;
  1.5.2.  two references commenting on the applicant’s musical abilities;
  1.5.3.  two references commenting on the character and personal history of the applicant;
  1.5.4.  the applicant’s achievements within the past three years in the applicant’s field of expertise;
  1.5.5.  a precise description of the study program;
  1.5.6.  the dates, times and locations of the proposed study program and supporting evidence the applicant has been offered a place in the study program;
  1.5.7.  the names of the institutions or parties with whom the study will be undertaken;
  1.5.8.  the qualifications of the applicant’s teachers and tutors;
  1.5.9.  a detailed budget of the study trip; and
  1.5.10.  a statement indicating the manner in which the applicant will use the benefits, derived from the study, upon the applicant’s return to Australia.
1.6. If a specific application form is provided by the AETT the applicant’s submission for assistance shall be made using that form.
1.7. The AETT shall be under no obligation to an applicant at any time to consider an application for a money award or scholarship or to award a scholarship and, in any event, no grant or payment of money will be made until an application has been received and considered in accordance with these by-laws and the applicant has entered into an agreement with the AETT for the grant of the Scholarship.  
1.8. The applicant’s suitability for a scholarship award shall be determined by the AETT with the assistance of a panel of assessors which shall include at least one expert in the instrument of the applicant.  
1.9. The AETT shall determine from time to time the number and value of overseas scholarships to be made available each year but is under no obligation to make an overseas scholarship award.  
1.10.  All applicants offered a scholarship shall enter into a written agreement with the AETT which shall set out the terms and conditions of the scholarship  
1.11. All scholarship holders shall provide a written acquittal of the grant accompanied by the results of the study undertaken  
1.12. An applicant is not an employee, representative or agent of the AETT.


Scholarship By-Laws 2017 (PDF Version)